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The beautiful Forty and Eight Child Welfare Program Lapel Pins.

Soft Enamel and Photo Print Lapel Pin Mark Moots 2017 Chef de Chemin de Fer

Mr. Mark Moots Forty and Eight 2017 Chef de Chemin de Fer lapel pin is a great example of utilizing multiple production techniques. The outer portion is Soft Enamel while the center eagle artwork is a Photo Print Lapel Pin.

Soft Enamel Lapel Pins

Keelson Group, LLC Military and Civilian lapel pins. Electro plating (Page Coming Soon). If you’re looking for an affordable way to provide custom lapel pins soft enamel is the way to go. As the most recognizable type of pin, they’re both traditional and cost-effective. Created from a custom die set and stamped into a variety of metals before being color-filled with soft enamel, these lapel pins offer a beautiful depth and polished finish that you can be proud of. While soft enamel pins are traditionally created as a 2D representation of your logo, 3D effects and photo print can be added for a more dazzling effect.


  • Embossed look and feel
  • Traditionally created as a 2D representation
  • 3D processes can be used to create depth and contrast
  • Enamel color below the surface for long-lasting beauty
  • Great for non-profit organizations, school, clubs, traders and more
  • Perfect for unit crests or military insignia
  • Raised metal is polished to a lustrous shine
  • Affordable while still retaining the quality you expect
  • 21 day production after art approval

Congratulations Mark!!