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Keelson Group, LLC Military and Civilian Challenge Coins

A symbol of loyalty and belonging, challenge coins have long been used by groups to honor and encourage its members. These coins are often used to test others of the group. When groups gather, it is customary to present the coin to show that you belong. Failure to produce the coin on demand often leads to friendly consequences among the group members. These coins are made from a variety of metals, including iron, zinc alloy and brass. Like our lapel pins, coins can be created with many different design options, resulting in one-of-a-kind pieces that are long-lasting and beautiful. Some coins can even serve multiple purposes, by incorporating a bottle opener into the design. Military Instructor Badges w/ Leather Fob are available as well.


  • Die struck, soft enamel and photo print options
  • Custom designs in various shapes and sizes
  • Beautiful and functional
  • Perfect for military units and fraternal organizations
  • 21-day production time after art approval

Five year coin campaign for the Forty & Eight NBCA (National Boxcar Association)